About Us

kebaya photoHello & Welcome to my little corner in cyber space.

My name is Leong Mei Ling, and I started Steppin’ Out as a small enterprise in 2012, selling dance skirts to friends, slowly expanding to the dance fraternity located within the community.  I’ve been told I have a good eye for style & design, and I guess coupled with good service & competitive pricing, demand for the skirts quickly grew. Soon, I was adding dance tops and dresses to my inventory.

My first online ‘store’ was a Facebook Page called Steppin’ Out, which is still actively maintained at


You’re most welcome to drop by to browse the dance apparel showcased there.

Always on the look-out  for beautiful and functional products to add to the product range, I decided to focus on the Peranakan Nyonya beaded shoes, a project for which I’m very passionate about (my maternal great grand mother having been a nyonya herself). Peranakan Nyonya beaded shoes have, so far, always been produced to be worn as regular footwear, or as dress shoes for dinners & special events.

I decided to take it one step further and gave the nyonya beaded shoe a whole new makeover. It was time to introduce this beautiful piece of art and cultural heritage to the dance floor. Having been a line dance teacher for over 12 years, I know the importance of wearing a good pair of dance shoes to support the feet whilst dancing. Anything less would result in possible injury in the long run.  Armed with this knowledge, I relied on my dance experience to design a shoe that emphasised comfort, stability & good foot support, yet not leaving out the aesthetics unique to the nyonya beaded shoe. Thus, the STEPPIN’ OUT Nyonya Hand Beaded shoes label was created.

When you purchase our Steppin’ Out shoes (whether for dance or regular use), you become the proud owner of a pair of footwear whose history and culture dates back to Old Malaya and the roots of the Peranakans.

It is my personal vision & mission to introduce these beautiful shoes to dancers beyond our Malaysian shore; that their beauty may grace dance floors worldwide.

Take your time to browse through the many designs in our Shoes Gallery.  If you have any question to ask pertaining to ordering a pair, drop me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can.  I hope you’ll enjoy your visit here and I wish you a good day! 😀