Brief History


Who are the Peranakans


Straits-Born Chinese

In the early 15th century, a princess from the Chinese Ming Dynasty, Hang Li Poh, arrived in Malacca (a state in Malaysia) to be presented as a bride to the Malacca Sultan. Part of her entourage included 500 youths and several hundred women attendants of noble descent, to wait on her and keep the princess company in her new home.

This entourage settled down in Bukit Cina in the Malay Archipelago, eventually inter-marrying with the local Malays. The mixed marriages marked the beginning of a new generation of people in Malaya, the Peranakans or Straits Born Chinese. The men were called Babas and the ladies were called Nyonyas.

Theirs is a heritage unique to Southeast Asia; a mixture of Malay & Chinese cultures, with a dash of the English way of life.


Nyonya Beaded Shoes

Peranakan beaded slippers (kasot manek), is a type of shoe that dates back to the early twentieth century. It refers to the beaded footwear worn by a nyonya to complete her Sarong Kebaya (as seen on the right) outfit.

The slippers were made of cut beads, which are now highly treasured as these beads are no longer available.

Vintage kasot manek are intricately and finely stitched, a testimony to the fine workmanship of yesteryears.

The intricacy and fine workmanship of a pair of beaded slippers is a hallmark of highly accomplished Peranakan women, (Nyonyas), whose skills in embroidery and beadwork are highly valued.



Nyonya Beaded Dance Shoes

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