How To Order

Our Nyonya Beaded shoes are all made-to-order.  You can choose to order your pair to be produced as Dance Shoes or Dress Shoes.  The difference is in the sole.  The former is fitted with suede soles while the latter with rubber soles.

Within each section (either Dress or Dance Shoes), you can further decide on the various variants eg.  beaded design, heel height, strap or strapless, with or without heel cap, etc.

The following step-by-step should make things clearer on the ‘How-to’ for ordering:

(1)  Hover your cursor over SHOP.  A drop down menu will show 2 categories: Dress/Dinner Shoe & Dance Shoe

(2)  Select the desired Category

(3)  Identify the shoe you wish to order & click on SELECT OPTIONS

(4)  Make your selection on the various options available under SHOE SOLE, SHOE DESIGN, HEEL HEIGHT, SIZE, etc….

(4)  Check that all variants/options are correctly selected

(5)  Click on ADD TO CART

(6)  Now you can either: (a)  continue shopping;  (b) click on VIEW CART to view what you have selected or

(c) proceed to CHECKOUT for payment.

Should you have difficulty ordering, or have any queries not addressed by our ordering format, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at:

Email:    OR   Whatsapp: 016-4889886